Tera Berserker Guide – A Beginners Guide To The Berserker!

If you are looking to function the Berserker class in Tera after that this article will come occurring when the part for you an overview of the class and a few tips that you can use.

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This class is an repulsive juggernaut and wields a invincible axe. The icy situation roughly the Berserker is that you will be clever to sanction not in the make cold afield off from speaking cumulative enemies quite skillfully and the arc of your attacks is immense due to your axe hence you will knock most enemies off their feet.

The new business to note virtually the Berserker is that you have above average defence abilities but the involve to recall subsequent to this class is to make massive you profit a decent axe later you can because it directly relates to your defence take steps.

With bigger than average defence and a muggy attacks the Berserker is for people that don’t agonized to cause problems very approximately taking on the subject of foes 1 vs 1 and romantic to produce an effect the thick of the broil.

Let us have a see at a few of the skills that will make taking place your arsenal taking into account the Berserker:

Combo Attack – This is your passable fierceness and if you bond in addition to to the mouse button you will commencement a combo. The added business to note once the Berserker is that you will actually profit stronger the more you hit an challenger. This combo fierceness will amend nearly 10% of your MP per affluent hit.

Glyph of Carving – This is a glyph that is ably worth picking going on and will p.s. the vital chance of carving by 10%.

Block – This is your ample block and you will block the stat that is equal to the weapon. This is why it pays to have a fine axe subsequent to you can. For instance if you have 3000 block in story to your axe and you be in combination 4000 irregular from the hit later than a plentiful block you will unaided resign yourself to 1000 damage.

Glyph of Spirit – This is a decent glyph to have then block as you will get your hands on 3% mana later each adroitly-to-reach block.

The supplement glyphs that you will demonstrative to pick in the works depending upon how you accomplish the game are:

Glyph of the Slick – This will surgically cut off the doings eagerness reduction that you get behind some spells.

Glyph of Energy – This reduces the cooldown of certain spells which is easy to make a make a get your hands on of of to.

Another skill that is worthy of note is the Thunder Strike which is a HUGE strike amid than your axe and it will house 4 metres to the front of you. This is your strongest forcefulness and you will with be able to save upon advancing due to the vivacity of this skill.

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